Upcoming Events



July 7th– 13th PGK DANCE Residency & Performance at Chapman University, Irvine CA.

July 11th FREE PGK DANCE Performance at 7pm

Sponsored by: The Dance & Movement Conference of California

September 7-8th PGK DANCE at The Vine Theater Rancho Bernardo, CA.

September 21-22 PGK DANCE at The San Pedro Arts Festival, San Pedro, CA.

October 12th DANCE . DESIGN . GO! is our new live Show Like Competition to discover the next Guest Choreographer for PGK DANCE and new Fashion Designer who will create a new dance inspired clothing line by PGK DANCE that will circulate to farmers markets, festivals, events year round starting 2020 which will accomplish 3 things: create pt dance related retail jobs for dancers in between performances, promote the local dance arts scene and create a year round income stream that supports PGK DANCE’s outreach programs.

Open to all choreographers & designers of any age and at any point in their career and any style. Winner receives $1000 paid commission to set new work on PGK DANCE over 10 days.

Sponsored in part by: The PGK Project, the City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture

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