Education and outreach services play an important role in the mission of The PGK Dance Project.  Since 2003, the company has presented school assembly programs, conducted educational residencies, and developed numerous community collaborations.

PGK Dance takes great pride in creating unique outreach for each community it tours.  One of the Company’s more acclaimed projects is its “Make a Dance” residency program. 

“Make a Dance” PROGRAM
Description: PGK Dance presents an exciting, athletic and educational dance presentation.  The audience experiences different styles of dance,  elements of choreography by helping us make a dance and embodies what it is to be a dancer by dancing with us. It addresses individual expression for any age and shows dance as a form of exercise for a more healthy lifestyle through creative movement with music workshops. Bi - lingual option provided as well. 

Through fun and interactive audience participation, entertaining repertory excerpts and informative narration, we hope to inspire all to appreciate, value and dance with us!

ALL Ages: Particularly acceptable for Middle, High School, Young Adults, “at risk” groups
Time: 45 minutes includes Q & A
Curriculum Standards: Arts Education Content Standards and Benchmarks for Dance.


Description: This is The PGK Project's most requested community activity.   Company members are sent in advance of the scheduled performance to work with local dancers.  They teach the participants a dance which they perform in concert with us! The dance accommodates multiple levels of abilities and is a great community experience.

Age Group: All ages
Length of Residency: 2 – 4 hours, plus performance setup time.


Description: PGK dancers are qualified instructors and are available to teach all levels of technique (ballet, contemporary/modern, jazz, hip-hop and tap) and choreography classes.  PGK dancers are certified, and several award winning teachers with years of experience conducting well-structured master classes for all ages and levels.

Age Group: All ages
Time: Flexible
Master Classes can be conducted in repeated sessions, or as a single class. Curriculum Standards: Arts Education Content Standards and Benchmarks for Dance.