Culture Shock Dance Center Performing for our annual crowd of spectators!

Culture Shock Dance Center Performing for our annual crowd of spectators!


Since 2012 Peter Kalivas, Founding Director of The PGK DANCE Project has voluntarily produced this AWESOME Promotional Platform highlighting some of the regions BEST DANCE.

Due to Budget shortfalls this event is POSTPONED until an amiable sponsorship, underwriting or additional supports can be attained.

Dance on the EDGE Application to Perform due by Feb. 1, 2019

Perform at Dance on the EDGE San Diego
at Mission Federal Credit Union’s ARTWALK
April 27th and April 28th, 2019 between 11am to 5pm


Since 2012 companies including City Ballet of San Diego, LA Contemporary Dance Company, The PGK Dance Project, Flamenco Arana, Santa Barbara Dance Theater, KO Dance Company, Culture Shock San Diego, Nannette Brodie Dance Theater (Long Beach), Mojalet Dance Collective have performed at the annual Mission Federal Credit Union's ARTWALK in Little Italy in San Diego, CA. 

This free outdoor two day event attracts over 10,000 people. Proposals for works with neutral themes, or for pure entertainment, are being accepted. We cannot accept proposals with potentially controversial themes, including religious, political, or other potentially inflammatory works. 


OUT of TOWN artists are welcomed.
Discounts on hotel rooms available for overnight stays!


Applications will be reviewed by a panel consisting of DotE Executive Producer, Peter Kalivas (The PGK Project), General Management of ARTWALK, Inc., and a representative of Mission Federal Credit Union (Event Sponsor).

We accept Professional, semi-professional artists and companies wanting to promote themselves. You will perform on our San Diego Union Tribune sponsored 23 x 26 raised secured stage. This is located at Grape & India Streets in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego, CA. 

VIDEO SAMPLES (REQUIRED) with application for FIRST TIME ARTISTS ONLY. A  MAXIMUM of 5 minutes must include the following: recent samples of work – full or excerpted are fine and should, in some way, represent the kind of work you will do at DotE.

Artists/Companies have access to a tented green room just off the stage to dress, with sponsored water provided. Approximately 350 dancers perform over the 2 day event so one company will use the tent at a time.

There is one entrance onto and off of stage (upstage right).  Each group has approx. 5 minutes to “walk/space” on stage (in audience view), while your director introduces your company, program to audience via an on stage mic.

MUSIC Playback (CD, iPod, etc.)
The PGK Project, has various event “MCs” throughout the day.

WE ALL Co-Produce this event together. *Indicate in the application the amount of time and number of increments: Artists are identified as co-producers of this dance promotion event in marketing with their investment.

15 minutes: ____ x $25 = $____

30 minutes: ____ x $50 = $____

Time & Day Preference
There are performance times available on Saturday APRIL 27th and Sunday April 28th between 11 AM and 5 PM. Please indicate your preferred day(s) and time(s): Artists can perform up to 2 times per day.

The Dance on the EDGE Booth
Every participant may promote, collect data, build their public contact list at the DotE Booth across from the stage where the audience comes to learn more about you. This is a service included in your co-production fee.

FEB. 1ST, 2019. 

Once Accepted and Confirmed (2 weeks later)
You will receive confirmation of your scheduled day, time, additional information and link to waivers of liability, and will need to pay co-production fee. / 619-886-7924 for any additional information.

The PGK Project, Inc. is a registered 501(C) 3. All Fees are tax-deductible. #20-4740701

ArtWalk attracts over 125,000 residents and tourists 10,000 of which surveyed have enjoyed the addition of Dance on the EDGE since 2012 bringing greater exposure and appreciation of our regional dance scene.

 Alyssa Junious of The PGK Dance Project Photo Credit: Sue Brenner

Alyssa Junious of The PGK Dance Project Photo Credit: Sue Brenner

“I had no idea there was such great dance in San Diego”, Marie Syms of Kearny Mesa.