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$10 Open PGK Classes

Wednesday & Friday 10am till 11:30am
At Culture Shock Dance Center, 2110 Hancock Street, #200, San Diego, CA 92110.
(cash or check) 

Open “PGK” Company warm up class with Artistic Director Peter G. Kalivas. 
Intended for professional and pre-professionals, this advanced/intermediate class focuses on strong clear technique, placement, movement efficiency and intention through challenging center and across the floor exercises, and combinations.

Fridays: Open class with The PGK Dance company members. These classes range in style for advanced/intermediate levels. 

*’PGK Faculty may sub these classes occasionally when the company is on tour or GUEST TEACHERS.

OPEN REHEARSALS: Wednesday & Friday 11am till 2pm
FREE to observe on any of these days

The Public is always welcome and invited to observe company and 2nd company rehearsals.  During this time we hope to reveal the creative process as we continuously develop new work by our artistic director and various guest choreographers.  During this time we welcome direct engagement where those observing can ask questions and offer commentary.  Some times we organize open rehearsals and invite board members, underwriters, patrons, students and media to observe on a particular day.  Other times interested parties commonly come on their own.