$15 per month for 15 months is your way of KICKSTARTING our next 15 years. After 15 years of shows in San Diego working with a small budget at the most grassroots level; with the love and support of fans and friend we are determined to step to that next level.

YOU ARE THE KEY to that. If you love what we do and want to see us get to our next stepping stone of Exceptional Professional “LIVE” Dance with music your commitment comes with a TAX RETURN RECEIPT for your $225.00 Donation ($15 for 15 Months) whether you do it as a recurring monthly gift of $15 as a “friend” or all at once as a “fan” at $225.00

IN RETURN we promise to keep sharing with you the best dancers, choreography and music available to us! Peter G. Kalivas

CLICK LINK Below - Select “FAN” to send a gift of $225 or $15 as a “Friend” your first of 15 months.